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Meet SF Bay Area Psychologist & Educator

Dr. Brian



Dr. Brian Tierney is a leading SF Bay Area counselor/psychotherapist who successfully helps people by using his advanced educational background and diverse experience in psychotherapy. His Crucible of Connection practice focuses on helping men reconnect with their inner strengths through a variety of proven therapies gained from years of education and experience. He helps men who are coming into therapy for the first time, as well as  those who are more familiar with the complexities of inner life and want to explore advanced approaches. Dr. Brian customizes his sessions to the client’s needs using evidence-based approaches.

These diverse therapies include:

• Cognitive therapy
• Dialectical behavioral therapy
• Motivational interviewing
• Non-violent communication
• MBSR – mindfulness based stress reduction   
• Brief psychodynamic therapy
• Expressive arts therapy
• Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Integrative Body-Mind Therapies



Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

Concentration in Somatic Psychology
Meridian University- Petaluma, CA | 2018

Master of Arts in Psychology

Meridian University- Petaluma, CA | 2014

Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

University of Wisconsin, Madison- Madison, Wisconsin | 2000


California Institute of Integral Studies

COURSE: Neuroscience for Somatic Practicioners
Dr. Brian lectures master’s level students about the interface between neurobiological research and clinical practice.

COURSE: Psychopathology and Psychological Assessment 
Integrative clinical diagnostic models drawing from research psychology, sociology, and Jungian psychoanalysis.

Dominican University

COURSE: Psychopharmacology
Dr. Brian teaches master’s level students about the clinical effects that psychiatric medicine. He enjoys making molecular biology fun and useful.

Documentary Film


Somatic Psychologist Dr. Brian Tierney is also a featured guest in a nine-part documentary film series called, Superpower – Ignite Your Intuitive Intelligence. In this series, Dr. Brian shares his insights about our innate abilities as humans to gain access to information in myriad ways. 




Licensed Psychologist

Somatic Doctor Integrative Psychotherapy and Education- San Jose, CA | Dec. 2019- Present

Adjunct Professor

Dominican University of California- San Rafael, CA | Dec 2021-Present
• Adjunct faculty teaching Psychopharmacology in the School of Health and Natural Science

Adjunct Professor

California Institute of Integral Studies– San Francisco, CA| April 2020-Present

Clinical Practicum Supervisor

California Institute of Integral Studies- San Francisco, CA | May 2021-Present

Somatic Therapist: Biodynamic Craniosacral Work, Structural Integration

Somatic Practicioner Private Practice – Northern CA, St. Petersburg FL, Auckland NZ | Sept. 2001- Present
• Has more than two thousand hours of training in various modalities
• Certified nationally by NCBTMB and statewide by CAMTC


Group Facilitator and Counselor

Serenity Addiction Clinic – Piha, NZ | June 09- March 2010
• Served as part of a multidisciplinary clinical team as a group facilitator and private coach for recovering addicts
• Researched and implemented program development initiatives



Dr. Brian Tierney practices psychotherapy to help a wide variety of clients. He uses evidence-based methods to help individuals get real results and offers the following types of therapy sessions:

Relationship Therapy

Dr. Tierney is experienced in helping couples in all types of relationships resolve their communication issues. He can provide guidance and frameworks that help them learn how to better understand  each another, bringing new clarity for a more enriching relationship.

Family Therapy

The communication dynamics within a family can be complex. Dr. Brian Tierney approaches family therapy in a way that enables each family member to be heard and acknowledged. He is adept at getting to real family issues by helping create a calm, safe environment for discussion.

Child Therapy

Dr. Brian works with children of all ages, using age-appropriate techniques that help them express their feelings and thoughts. Whether the child has behavior issues, problems in school, has difficulty establishing relationships, experienced trauma or has emotional issues,  Dr. Brian has the experience, training, and sensitivity to help children understand themselves and develop healthier ways to communicate, heal and interact with others.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

When it comes to managing anxiety and stress, Dr. Tierney can help clients learn how to cope and resolve issues using therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and more. Depression can also be addressed with CBT, as well as somatic therapy and other modalities.