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Dr. Brian Tierney has developed a insightful men’s therapy program for individuals who are interested in—and are new to—exploring the issues, beliefs, challenges that men face, all in a highly supportive and private group setting.

This 8-session program provides men with a solid foundation for deeper understanding, self-awareness and personal growth through psychology education,  therapy, and  interactive discussions and exercises.

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Introductory SESSION

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Who Is this Program for?

Men 20-65+

Dr. Tierney welcomes men of all age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds. This diversity allows for a more enriching experience for the group as each participant can learn from myriad perspectives.

Meaningful insights and learning happen when different generations within a group interact in a supportive environment that encourages change. 

Week #1: Creating the Environment

This week is about learning how to maximize your insights and personal growth within a group therapy setting. You’ll develop tools for self-inquiry, group interaction, and clear communication. You’ll receive a general overview of the course, and like all participants, you will introduce yourself to the group and share your intentions for learning. Dr. Tierney will lead the the group by creating a supportive environment that encourages collaborative learning.



Week #2: Accountability, Integrity, and Discipline

This week includes educational material that will give you a map to navigate your personal development. Dr. Brian Tierney will discuss issues of agency, autonomy, and self-control to aid men in galvanizing their integrity. You’ll participate in group exercises designed to help men develop the strength to encounter the ways they may sabotage their growth and development. You’ll also learn conflict resolution techniques and get a valuable model for conflict resolution that you can use.

Week #3: Ongoing Work with Accountability

This week is a continuation of Week #2, focusing on conflict resolution, accountability, and integrity. Your men’s group will dive deeper into exploring conflicts, inner and outer. Group members will have an opportunity to explore their relationship with anger and rage. Plus, group exercises will revolve around navigating conflicts, self-expression, and developing emotional intelligence. You’ll also be given a structure for managing and containing conflictual interactions in life and work. The group will then shift to look at issues of personal meaning and life mission.


Week #4: Love, Sexuality, and Intimacy

In this group session, Dr. Brian will discuss matters of intimacy: what helps and what hinders. He will provide valuable education about shame and support the men in deepening and diversifying their ability to express love. The cultural construction of maleness will be encountered, critiqued, and deconstructed in a supportive environment.

Week #5: Vulnerability and Courage

This week allows you and the group a space to explore your fears and vulnerabilities. Processes will aid group members in encountering the aspects of themselves that they hide, repress, or deny. There will be an opportunity for each man to be supported in uncovering barriers that block them in various life domains.


Week #6: Open Process

By now, the group has been forged and the session will deepen the prior week. Each man will have an opportunity to work through some of their core issues in a supportive environment. Personalized education will give participants practical ways to develop themselves outside of group.

Week #7: Sovereignty

This week will explore the topic of sovereignty, which is all about embodying your unique power as an individual. You’ll learn what it means to be both humble and grand. Dr. Brian will teach about the shadow side of sovereignty, narcissism—and you and the group will explore this shadow side, as well as the creative and expansive elements of sovereignty.


Week #8: Integration and Closure

This week offers you the time to integrate learnings that came up throughout the experience of the group. You will be celebrated and prepared to manifest the next level of yourself as an empowered man in the world. The group will circle back to issues of personal mission and each of you will be given individualized and practical tools to nurture your growth after the group closes.

The final send-off will inspire you to carry the passion ignited in the group into your relationships and the world at large, making you a more dynamic catalyst for enlivening and empowering others.