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Men’s Circle with Dr. Brian Tierney


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Join this men’s group therapy session and learn how to do the deep work needed to overcome personal challenges. In this two-hour session, Dr. Brian Tierney will teach you using somatic, body-oriented approaches and dramatic, role-playing exercises that are proven to provide valuable insights.

This is an opportunity to explore issues in a group setting that is highly supportive and emotionally healing.

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Spring Schedule:


When:  May 13 , 2023 | Saturday | 1 pm – 3 pm
Where: Emerald Hills
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Who Is this Program for?

Men 20-65+

Dr. Tierney welcomes men of all age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds. This diversity allows for a more enriching experience for the group as each participant can learn from myriad perspectives. 

This session is for men who have already done some therapy work and want to go deeper. Dr. Brian will customize the session to serve the needs of the participants.

What will I experience at Ignyte?

You will experience a unique process that challenges you and others in the group to manifest the power of full self-expression. The benefit of this session is that it’s fully customized to the needs of the participants. 

For example, some men will want help in exploring their emotional landscapes to release any pain or trauma, as well as gain empowerment and insight into themselves. Dr. Brian will provide guidance using processes and exercises designed to help them reach inward and bring new thoughts to light. Many come away energized with a stronger feeling of belonging and meaning. 

Other participants have interest in learning how to facilitate transformative processes themselves. Dr. Brian has created Ignyte to provide a learning-enriched environment that helps men see the steps involved in transformation. 

What is Somatic Therapy? And How Does It Help Me?

This week is about learning how to maximize your insights and personal growth within a group therapy setting. You’ll develop tools for self-inquiry, group interaction, and clear communication. You’ll receive a general overview of the course, and like all participants, you will introduce yourself to the group and share your intentions for learning. Dr. Tierney will lead the the group by creating a supportive environment that encourages collaborative learning.



What is Role-Playing? Do I have to follow a script?

This week includes educational material that will give you a map to navigate your personal development. Dr. Brian Tierney will discuss issues of agency, autonomy, and self-control to aid men in galvanizing their integrity. You’ll participate in group exercises designed to help men develop the strength to encounter the ways they may sabotage their growth and development. You’ll also learn conflict resolution techniques and get a valuable model for conflict resolution that you can use.